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Sample ticket templates for download

Shown here are many different types of raffles that will help you attain your fundraising goals. For more information about these specialty raffles, check out our helpful articles.

Below are sample ticket templates that you can download and use as templates to start your own tickets, but first:

1. Make sure you have Raffle Ticket software installed on your computer. You can get the free demo version of the software right now.

2. Choose the ticket below that you'd like to use, and click on the "download sample" button.

3. Open the zip file once it is downloaded. You may see a folder containing the fonts used on this ticket. If you want to use these fonts and don't already have them installed on your computer, follow your computer's instructions for installing a new font. Some of the examples have images which are included in the zip file.

4. Make your changes and additions to the template, and print or save them for later!

Charity cash ticket template

Pink breast cancer awareness example

Raise funds towards amazing causes such as breast cancer awareness.

Chinese auction ticket

Blue Chinese auction ticket example

Need help with your Chinese auction ticket?

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50/50 raffle ticket

Goldenrod 50/50 raffle ticket sample

Use our 50/50 raffle ticket as a guide!

Firemen's 50/50 raffle

Free offer coupon

Add a fundraising raffle to your Halloween event with this great template

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Gift basket raffle

White american legion basket thanksgiving

Need ideas for a gift basket raffle?

Queen of hearts ticket

White queen of hearts raffle example

This template will help you get started with your queen of hearts ticket.

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Scholarship fundraiser raffle

Scholarship drum raffle

This raffle raises funds for a scholarship.

Turkey Raffle

Turkey raffle ticket

Raffle off the fixings for a Thanksgiving dinner a few days before the holiday.

Back To School

Back To School

Get kids excited about returning to school with backpacks full of supplies.

Our April Special

A Carnival Style Walk-A-Thon

A Carnival Style Walk-A-Thon

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