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Sample ticket templates for download

There are many different types of tickets you can make using Raffle Ticket software - Admission tickets, valet parking tickets, event announcements, fundraising tickets, 50/50 raffles, chinese auction tickets, queen of hearts tickets, treasure chest drawing tickets, and more.

Below are categories you can select to view various sample ticket templates that you can download and use as templates to start your own tickets.

Raffle tickets

Raffle Tickets

We feature several different types of raffle tickets to give you ideas for your next fundraiser.

Event admission

Blue car wash school fundraiser example

Planning to hold an event and need admission tickets? Check out these great ideas!

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Seasonal and holiday tickets

Seasonal holidays

Do your events and fundraisers center around the holidays? Perfect! We have great designs for you to check out.

Passes and special offers

Passes and special offers

Create dynamic tickets that will make your business or event memorable for your customers!

Our April Special

A Carnival Style Walk-A-Thon

A Carnival Style Walk-A-Thon

Ideas & Tips!

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