Perforated Raffle Ticket Paper

Perforated Raffle Ticket Paper

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Our perforated raffle ticket paper matches the Raffle Ticket Software so you can make perfectly fitted, professional tickets at home.

The paper is sold in convenient 130-sheet packages

  • Enough for 1,040 finished tickets.
  • Each sheet is the standard 8-1/2 x 11 size
  • Each sheet makes 8 tickets.

The paper comes in two weights:

  • BOND:  A weight of 24 lbs. which is similar to typical copier (20 lb.) paper.  Bond is flexible, and works on any printer.

  • CARD:  A weight of 67 lbs., similar to the weight of index cards. Card is durable, holds up to wear and tear.  It works best in printers with a straight paper path and does NOT work on all tray-fed printers.

***A NOTE ABOUT OUR COLORS*** The cost of color paper has increased so much over the past few years, it is not cost-effective to even offer it.  When our colors are sold out (pink is the last color we have in stock) we will only offer white until further notice.

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